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Wee Almond Cakes

It seems as though I’m on a nut kick recently, but here we go again…in these little almond cakes, you’ve got a super easy dessert with healthy fats & fiber…and butter & sugar! And potential bonus – they don’t have any flour in them – you can totes impress your gluten free friends with your read more »

Rhubarb Compote

I like to poach rhubarb in a light sugar syrup – so that you can easily tweak the sweetness and texture according to your tastes. Eat it for breakfast with some granola, yogurt, or creme fraiche, or serve it with a Wee Almond Cake…or serve it with a pork chop like a spring applesauce! Place read more »

Asparagus and White Bean Salad

I love asparagus. For about 3 weeks in the spring. The rest of the year, I’m happy to anticipate it, but not eat it. Just like the seasons intended. I’ve worked with people that think of asparagus as another year round vegetable – a convenient steamable, roastable, crowd-pleasing vegetable that looks great on a platter. read more »

Rosemary Roasted Nuts

Spring in the Northwest makes me feel a little manic – each day has about 4 to 6 microweather reports – yesterday was overcast, then brilliantly sunny but still cold, dramatically pouring, drizzling, and then there was a full, stunning rainbow. It’s like an emotional rollercoaster. You feel upbeat because it’s sunny out and it read more »

The Northwest Raab Phenomenon

At the farmers market in Portland, the first real vegetable – i.e. not kale or overwintered onions – is always raab. Every year there’s more & more of it! Raab is sort of the generic name for the flower buds of the cruciferous (cabbage family) – think broccoli raab or rapini. So there’s kale, turnip, read more »